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The top two questions we receive is “How Do I Sell My House For Cash And How Much Is It Worth?” Selling your home can be a huge undertaking. You may feel stressed and overwhelmed with the whole process, uncertain about what direction to go, or unsure about your next steps. You also may feel none of those and that’s awesome! Whatever the situation, we’re here to assure you that we’re here to assist, and will make the entire process super simple for you with a few simple steps.


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      At TLC Estate, We Like To Consider Ourselves The Best House Buyers. 

      And We Do It Fast! No Appraisals! No Contingencies! Even if the house needs repairs! Most traditional real estate sales have an inspection and repair contingency. As a result, the buyers either can walk away from this deal or negotiate the price or ask about seller’s credit.

      We can give you multiple options and will help you to figure out which one is best for your current situation. Visit our Facebook page to stay updated.

      We are ready to buy it right NOW, and we can close in your time frame. No stressing! No pressure! No rush!

      – Fill out this simple contact form or give us a call. All we need to know is address of the house and its basic characteristics.

      – Schedule your free no hassle appointment where we will evaluate your property and give you an offer. You can accept or reject the offer.

      – If you like our offer and choose to sell it to us, then a simple sales agreement will be signed by you and us.

      – This agreement will be processed and executed quickly by a reputable local title company and you will receive a check on your desired closing date.

      We buy houses for cash in North Carolina. Sounds like a good plan? Then contact us TODAY! We will be happy to help you to solve your real estate problem.

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