Selling House During Divorce

Ouch, it hurts! It’s a confusing, emotional time whenever a couple divorces. But life doesn’t end with the marriage, and we need to move on. Sometimes, if the circumstances require it, you may discover it’s necessary to sell a house during a divorce. Owning a place with the person you’re not going to live with in the future is awkward and uncomfortable.

Unlike a typical real estate sale transaction, one involving divorcing sellers may need to be done fast. In many cases, joint property is the only real estate that the couple has. So, selling a house as quickly as possible becomes a priority. Divorcing people have no time for months-long preparations before selling their homes. Declutter, cleaning, organizing, packing, repairs, pictures for a listing agent… It feels like it is going to take forever. Solution? — Sell house avoiding all those real estate rituals. Sell to those who can close fast, pay cash, and never ask you a single question about your situation.

You have a couple of options.

Option A: try to remember all those friends and family who visited you and told you, “Oh my god, I love your house. / I love your neighborhood. I wish we could live here.”

Ta-daaaaa! Still in love with our house? We can sell it to you! – But people’s desires may not fit their financial situation.

Option B: Professional House Buyers! They may not be in love with your property, but they can close in a matter of a few days. The fast, easy, all-cash transaction!

If you are facing a divorce, do not add additional stress to your life. Please leave it to professionals at NC TLC Estate.

Your sale transaction can be closed within a week if there are no legal issues causing delays, and there will be no real estate commissions or fees to pay at closing. 919-608-6579










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