Sell a House During Peak Season

Yes, the seasonability in real estate is a real thing! Cooling weather means cooling the real estate market, depending on your location of course. With this simple logic, it’s easy to predict that June is the hottest month of the year. The second hottest month in this industry in May.

There are several reasons you might want to sell a house during this hot season. Families often want to move into their new home during the summer, so kids can get started in a new daycare/ school and parents can get situated in their new jobs.

Another reason involves your landscaping. Yes, you read this right! Landscaping! Trees, shrubs, blooming bushes, and other perennials look their best in the spring and summer months, making your home look more attractive to potential buyers. Pictures on Zillow and MLS are bright and colorful, making your entire neighborhood look more desirable and your house more inviting.

Plus, in good weather it’s easier to declutter the house, moving excess furniture and personal belongings out of the house into a storage unit. It helps to maximize the appearance of your house and yard.

On the other hand, there’s almost always a lot more real estate competition in the spring and summer. Real estate agents advise their sellers to list in April or May, at the latest, so the local multiple listing services usually have a lot to offer throughout the summer months.

What If You Don’t Sell A House By October?

Even though the peak season has passed, it’s possible to sell a house throughout the fall, and into the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holiday season.

“According to Zillow research, 23% fewer homes are sold in winter than in spring, and homes listed for sale in the winter stay on the market about five days longer compared to the yearly average time on the market, from listing to closing.”

While you, as a seller, might not want to be bothered with real estate showings and the interruption of a sale transaction involving back-and-forth negotiations during the holiday season, buyers are still out there looking for new homes. For some people who are in the mood to shop, looking at homes for sale is just another part of their holiday activities.

Remember, calling a real estate agent who will line up appointments at several lovely, professionally decorated homes on the market is easy to do. People are not shy about looking at homes for their own enjoyment, and unless you choose to provide holiday hospitality whenever an agent calls to set up a showing you might prefer to take your home off the market between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many sellers make that choice.

Easy Home Sales With No Showings

Other sellers make the choice to sell a house before, during, or after peak season with no hassles, no showings, and no long waits for buyer financing to be approved. They manage to achieve easy home sales by calling a professional home buyer instead.

Getting an offer from a real estate investor can move your house for you any time of year. Call/ or text at 919-444-8778

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