Sell a Home With Fire Damage

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No one wants to think about their home sustaining fire damage or worry about having to sell a house with fire damage. Even if pets and people who live in the home are not damaged, we will have losses. A home fire happens to other people, and we have compassion for them, but we don’t think seriously about a fire indoors or outdoors on our property.

Sadly, our opinion can change in one brief incident. Whether it is our own home, a relative’s home, or a rental property, we may find ourselves needing to sell a house with fire damage whenever we have an ownership interest in real estate.

Repairing and remodeling the fire-damaged home is undoubtedly an option. And we may consider removing the burned-out structure and completely rebuilding a new one. Our circumstances will influence our decision, so there is no single correct decision after a home fire.

The preliminary decision is to repair the damaged property before selling it or selling the home as-is. This foundational decision often depends on the value of fire insurance coverage.

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Fire Insurance and Fire Inspections

A small home fire requiring minimal repairs may not exceed the deductible on a homeowner’s fire insurance policy. Even though we will need to pay for those minor repairs out of our pocket, it’s not likely we would sell a home after a home fire without making the required repairs. It just wouldn’t make sense.

But a big fire that causes significant damage is another matter. The structural and smoke damage that can be seen by homeowners and by inspectors may not reveal the full extent of the damage.

Hiring a specialized inspection team to make a full assessment of the damage is a wise investment. The fire inspection team should come to the scene before deciding whether to sell a fire-damaged home or repair it first.

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Deciding to Sell a Home with Fire Damage

Fire damage is not always an easy fix. Lingering smoke odor and weakened but invisible wood and metal damage make it very difficult to know what exactly repairs are required. Hiring an inspection team to assess the hidden and visible fire damage can give us more information, but it doesn’t decide.

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