Remodel Before Selling A House Or Sell It As-Is?

If you are a homeowner thinking about selling your house, this question probably hits your mind already. Do you need to remodel your home before you put it on the market to get the top dollar? Or you will spend the top dollar on materials and lose your entire sanity, either trying DIY or dealing with contractors.

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It’s a very complex dilemma. And it makes sense to give the idea a serious consideration before you start spending the time and money on your renovation project. Will the cost of remodeling increase the value of your home, or at least cover your expenses? Will the time and energy you invest in your remodeling project be worth it in the end? How long it’s going to take? Will you be able to finish all necessary repair work and sell/ or list the house by the moment you were planning to sell?

You can use multiple tools: from materials pricelists and contractors estimators apps to more accurate quotes by contractors to calculate your future expenses and build a budget.

If it’s just a minor cosmetic project ( fresh paint, refinishing, replacing floors, etc.), you will get more accurate numbers.

Poor apps using outdated information lead to unrealistic expectations. Suppose you are not a licensed contractor or do not visit The Home Depot / Lowe’s stores daily. In that case, you probably have no idea that prices on materials change weekly. It means any given estimate is reasonable for no longer than a week. Lumber prices changed drastically this year! If you use old assessments or outdated analyzers, you can lose control over your budget and deadlines as well.

When Remodeling Plans Go Wrong

Even with signed legal contracts, including estimates for materials and labor, misunderstandings between a homeowner and a contractor are pretty standard. Frequently, disagreements are caused by how long it takes one or more contractors to arrive and to complete their part of the job. Exact timing requirements are rarely included in remodeling contracts.

A contractor (GC) or subcontractors may get sick, become hospitalized, or have family emergencies requiring them to leave the job ASAP. Contractors operating as small businesses don’t have other options when they lose their workers, which means homeowners will experience unintended delays on their projects.

Suppose you have heard horror stories about remodeling projects gone wrong; you are already on notice that it could happen to you, too.

The best way to know for sure that you’re hiring reputable construction, electrical, and plumbing contractors is to start with a referral from someone you trust and then speak to their satisfied customers. Checking out reviews on the websites is one way to get referrals, but in-person references are even better.


It’s possible to find buyers who want to do their remodeling. If you look for the right kind of buyer, you can avoid the costs and the hassles of remodeling.

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