Best Investment opportunities in the RTP

The Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) has always been known as the bed of high-tech research universities like NCSU, Duke, UNC, and the growing presence of large tech corporations. Not so long ago, Apple announced a new campus in Morrisville that will bring in over 3,000 new jobs and billions in NC investments. Additionally, Google announced a new campus in downtown Durham, bringing thousands of jobs to the city of oaks.

With all the new campuses coming to the RTP area, there will be demand for large infrastructure projects in transportation, building, urban design, and of course, real estate. We’ll need supporting jobs in all service sectors to sustain an influx of people, and these people will need housing that’s close to the things they care about. But with the seemingly crazy real estate market of the past few years, how can these people afford housing that fits their needs?

One of the options is co-living.

With co-living, housing efficiency grows as the conversion to multiple “units” within a home creates a larger market for professionals seeking housing close to work and other activities.

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