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Our Story

We are TLC Estate and we buy houses in NC. Johnston County and Wake County. We are the best house buyers service in the area. Read our story.

What could be worse than an irresponsible and ungrateful child? 

When this ungrateful and irresponsible child is your own. Douglas’s story has become our story. 

Doug is a veteran who is often away from home for work. This absence was convenient and attractive to his daughter who asked if she could live in his home temporarily. He couldn’t say “No” to his own child who also has a child and needs his help.

From that moment on, Douglas’s house was no longer empty. Parties and guests who stayed overnight, from time to time, slowly turning into tenants. With only one difference, they did not pay rent or contribute to expenses at all.

But Douglas will find out about this later, upon his return to discover a whole stack of unopened envelopes of unpaid bills and the remnants of the mortgage. Moreover, the house was in a deplorable condition: wrecked walls, bathtubs, and toilets were easier and cheaper to replace than try to clean. The carpets had absorbed gallons of spilled alcohol, vomit, and a foul odor of a public restroom. Everything was smashed and abandoned, including Douglas.

The house has been in the process of pre-foreclosure. Douglas was planning another trip ahead and soon he would be facing bankruptcy. The home’s condition made it impossible to sell in the shortest possible time.  The stress was piling up.

We Move On

We just moved to the area where Doug lived. He had only one desire and that was to get rid of the remnants of the mortgage and start a new life. Our poor neighbor made several vain attempts to sell his mutilated house. But when buyer after buyer left, Douglas was gloomy. Finally, we came to an agreement and bought his house from the bank, freeing this man from bankruptcy.

By Christmas, he had moved to Texas closer to his son’s family. In the prior months Doug continued to live in his house, packing his belongings and arranging for his move to Texas. He never stopped expressing his gratitude for our ability to help him when he needed it most. Thus, Doug’s home formed the basis of our company, which began with the history of TLC Estate.

  • We have started TLC Estate back in 2014 with the mission of helping Sellers and beautifying our local neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida. We helped many sellers in distress and worked in many neighborhoods that benefited from our renovations.
  • In 2018, TLC Estate moved to Raleigh, NC (hence the name “NC TLC Estate”) to help residents in our home state achieve their real estate goals.  As a company, we have developed into a passionate coordinated team dedicated to helping sellers, buyers, and real estate agents right here in the Triangle area.
  • At TLC Estate, we like to consider ourselves as the best house buyers in Johnston County & Wake County.

Eastern North Carolina
Home Buyer

Our Purpose & Values

At TLC Estate, it is our goal to not only have a positive impact on ourselves and our families, – but also to inspire, motivate and create lasting changes in everyone we encounter. We treat our clients, partners and team members with respect at all times.


We are committed to helping people with their real estate needs and making successful deals happen.

The #1 question we get from clients is “How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash?” At TLC Estate we buy houses in NC. Raleigh, Durham, Smithfield, Clayton, Selma, and surrounding areas. We are Johnston County and Wake County area’s best house buyers.

At TLC Estate, we are creating places where people love to live, where they feel at home and come together as a community.

Integrity. We are open, honest and ethical. Even in the face of hardship, when we are dealing with difficult judgments and hard choices, we do the right thing. We are dedicated to our beliefs, and we defend our TLC culture by ensuring that we maintain organizational integrity.

Accountability. Everyone must understand the organization’s strategy, their unique positions within the company, and the specific tasks or projects for which they are accountable in order to succeed. Managers and executives must also keep their promises and remain devoted to their performance and the organization’s goals.

Diversity. We commit to developing and sustaining an environment that values and respects people of all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Passion. We believe in what we do and take pride in providing our services helping homeowners to solve their real estate needs. Warning: Our passion and energy are highly contagious. There is a risk to get inspired by our company and meet difficulties with excitement and optimism, pushing yourselves to new heights. 

Eastern North Carolina
Home Buyer

Our Team

We are Chris and Evangeline Ramos, owners of TLC Estate. The Johnston County and Wake County area’s most trusted professional house buying service. We are a family owned and operated, typical a mom-and-pop business. When you contact TLC Estate, you speak directly to us. No call center overseas, no middle person, no miscommunication. Visit our Facebook page to stay updated.

Evangeline and Christopher Ramos.

Evangeline has over 10 years of professional experience in the real estate industry. They are founders and principals of several companies. Eve has experience in many facets of real estate investment including marketing, sourcing, underwriting, negotiations, raising capital, investor relations, and business management.

Family, Art and Kids’ Activities,  Education and Homeschool, Travel, Charity Events, Learning, and Real Estate

Myriam Ramos. Market Analysis Specialist.

Myriam has a ton of experience, knowledge and expertise in the world of real estate (being an expert since 1990). You can feel at ease knowing that your company is well-equipped to understand constantly changing market dynamics and evolving consumer behavior.